Service outage

Oof, well that sucked. The hardware that StaticCling runs on suffered a large failure, and it knocked us out for a couple of days -- this is actually the longest outage we've experienced in the 15 years the service has been up.

The good news is no data was lost, and we've been furiously moving things around to get our service restored. We've migrated to DigitalOcean, which should also provide for easier future scaling, if that's ever a concern. (Please click that link if you might want some DigitalOcean VPS, it saves StaticCling $$$!)

We're still bringing up various internal services (email, etc), but the core DNS service and API is back in action.

Server update

Minor update to the backend code. Clients are unaffected.

  • Account and record properties migrated from bit vectors to json blobs, can be indexed directly now for performance boosts
  • Removed/replaced deprecated calls for dependent libraries (rspec, sequel, canjs, etc)
  • New administration UI for StaticCling admins.
  • Fixed graph display, no longer god-awful ugly.
  • More accurate timestamping for DNS query logging.
  • Various build system improvements and additional code coverage.

Please refer to the source for more specific detail.

Whoa! Upgrade time!

It's been... well, a really long time coming, but it's finally here! We've pushed a pretty substantial update -- actually, more of a total rewrite.

StaticCling has been in constant service since 2001, and it certainly started feeling like it was written around the turn of the century. This rewrite provides a (much needed) modernized backend that should scale upwards well, along with a full API to encourage rapid development of native clients.

All the basic features are still there, plus we've added:

  • Subdomain support (you can have many records attached to one account)
  • DNS load balancing
  • Full NS delegation (if you run your own nameserver and want ultimate control)

Old clients that use the original challenge/response setup are no longer supported. (There is practically no one using that, unfortunately.) Nearly everyone is using the original, simplistic and insecure URL format. For this transition, that format will continue to work temporarily. Please update your client if you're using one on a timer (cron or whatever.) We'll disable all the legacy stuff in the next couple of months.

You can find a new command line client here. It will run on any system that can run Ruby.

Enjoy the new setup, and let me know how it works for you. Thanks for using StaticCling!