Upcoming goodies

Seriously, what's going on in the land of StaticCling? Who is running this thing, anyway? :)

As you've probably come to expect, no updates means everything is a-okay. However, StaticCling's backend tech is showing a bit of age. I started a re-write at least 2 years ago, and got caught up with other "real life" stuff. I'm now starting it up again -- actually posting about it might give me enough motivation via shame to get it done. :)

The rewrite will use PostgreSQL and Arrow, and will sport a modernized UI. It will also expose all of the backend goods via a REST API, so writing some "real" desktop clients should be fun and easy. I'm considering adding subdomain support as well, so you can alteratively mix subdomain pointers with wildcards, under the same top-level account. (Instead of registering multiple accounts for different locations. I'm seeing lots of "bob-home" and "bob-work" stuff -- those would become and, respectively.)

We'll also add captcha signups and automatic "bad netblock detection" to combat the various jerks signing up for link spamming.

I'll keep the same basic principle in place -- dead simple dynamic DNS.

If you have any suggestions for feature adds (within the above principle, I'm not adding Pastie or Link shortening services) -- please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know!