Scum! Evil Bastards! Disabled accounts!

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before this kind of thing came up. We've been getting a good amount of reports regarding spam coming from us. Please understand that any spam advertising a StaticCling domain is NOT originating from StaticCling! It is simply a spammer doing what spammers do, and it so happens they are advertising a StaticCling webpage of theirs. With that said - it still makes us look bad to people that don't research where their junk mail is coming from - and we now have to initiate a policy that spanks those of you behaving like this. A few accounts have now been disabled because of this sort of thing... if you find your hostname is no longer resolving - sorry. Be a better netizen next time. To all the rest of you that allowed me to not have to deal with this kind of garbage until this point - thank you! Please continue to enjoy the service.

New host, new server!

We've moved our primary service to Spime - the move was completed with a minor glitch, but everything worked itself out quickly. Our old machine is still being hosted at Netcon3 - we're using it as a secondary. We've been lucky enough not to need it in the past, but we DO have official redundancy now. In the next week or so, we'll load balance the web servers along with the DNS.

New windows client (mongery)

Michael Coe has written a new client for us that is geared towards windows servers. It has numerous features not found in StaticCharge, such as automatic IP change detection, minimization, and multiple NIC support. Check it out here.